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Welcome to Kranevo! We hope that your stay in our hotel will be very pleasant and will be the beginning of your encounters with Bulgarian culture and history. Bulgaria is a country with amazingly diverse history that has preserved as state over many years and hardships. A lot has been lost through the centuries, but yet a lot more remains to be seen and admired.

Important historical places and attractions in the vicinity
Tour program

Obrochishte - 7km - Dervish monastery "Teketo" in village Obrochishte is one of the biggest of its kind on the Balkans.

Balchik - 15km - The city is well known for its botannical garden featuring more than 3000 plant species and over 250 types ot tropical plants. You can also visit the former summer residence of Romanian princes Maria.

cape Kaliakra - 65km - The cape is 2km innward the Black Sea and is eastern most point of Bulgaria. The cape levels is 70 meters above turquoise crystal clear waters of the Black Sea. There are ruins of several settlements starting 4th century - Tirizis, Akra, Akres, Kastelum, Kalacerka. There is a historical museum featuring the history and artificats of this unique place.

Yailata - 75km - Yaialata is one of the many preservations in the country. It is situated on the coast away from the busy sea resorts. You can really admire the beauty of the Black Sea coast in its purest form at this amazing place. There are tombs, cave dwellings dating from 5th century BC. There are also early Byzantine era fort remnants.

Alaja monastery - 17km - There is a small musuem with christian icons kept in the monastery as well as mosaics discovered in the catacombs in the vicinity dating 5th century BC. The 13th century monastery is one of few dwellings carved in the face of sheer rock.

Varna - 35km - The second biggest city in Bulgaria has a great deal of fun things to do. It has great shopping malls, restaurants and night life. Some historical places to visit are the Cathedral "Uspenie Presvyatiya Bogoroditza", Roman Baths "Termi", Water Park and Aquarium featuring Dolphin shiows, the Maritime museum, and Archeological museum.

Stone forest - 50km - The stone forest is a natural rock formation. There are several legends onm how the "statues" came about and the place is believed to be charged with positive energies.

Madara Horseman - 130km - (under the Unesko Program). The statue is etched into the sheer rock face dating 8th century. Its a mystery of how it was created and why but is is believed to be built honoring khan Tervel.

Pliska - 130km - Pliska was the first Bulgarian capital (year 681 - 893). There are remnants of the palaces and churches built under the rule of khan Krum and Omurtag.

Great Preslav - the second bulgarian capital (893 - 972)

Thracian tomb - 140km - The tomb was discovered in the village of Sveshtari. It was dated 4-3 century BC.

Sborianovo - 200км- thracian political, cultural, and religious center. The medieval Demir-Baba Teke historical buidling is also in the vicinity.
Silistra - 150km - Natural preservation "Sreburna" (recognized by foundation Unesko).
Dobrich – 50 км- Historical Museum, "St George" church, the Old Craftsmen city.
Veliko Tarnovo - 270 км.- The former Bulgarian capital - second kingdom (1187-1393yr). The city was built on the steep hills of Yantra river - Carevez, Trapziza,Sveta Gora. There are 22 churches and 4 monasteries dating since the middle ages. Carevez was the palace and fort of the Bulgarian kings ruling Bulgaria during the Crusades and the Buzantine empire.
Nessebar - 140км.- One of the oldest cities in Europe. The city was built on a small peninsula in the Black Sea. The city has preserved much of the ancient and medieval churches and ruins dating from 3rd century AC, as well as the unique Bulgarian architecture and craftsmanship of the 19th century after the Otoman empire rule.

Tour Program

For all questions regarding the tours please check with the hotel administration or the hotel manager.

1. Obrochishte, Balchik, Yailata, Russalka, cape Kaliakra.
2. Alaja monastery, Stone Forest, Varna - Cathedral "Uspenie Presvyatiya Bogoroditza", Roman Baths "Termi"
3. Varna - Aquarium, Planetarium, Dolphin shows, Maritime Museum.
4. Golden Sands - Aquapark
5. Silistra - Sreburna, Sveshtari, Sborianovo.
6. Shumen - Madara monument, Pliska, Great Preslav, Veliko Tarnovo.
7. Nessebar - visit to the historical museums and churches (in addition can make a trip to the beach there).
8. Shipka - The valley of the roses and thracian ruins. Also a visit to mount Shipka where a historical battle was won by the Russian and Bulgarian soldiers fighting the turkish forces of the Otoman empire.